Same country, different world.

Vìk is the next closest “big” town south east of Reykjavik. A 3 hour bus ride or standing on the side of the highway exercising your thumb muscles will get you here. the best part about traveling to Vik is driving along highway 1-the road that winds around the inner coast around all of Iceland.
We drove past lengths of brown fields with no trees to block the sightline straight to the mountains all around us. past a geothermal electrical plant and many small pockets of steam escaping from icy patches on the hillside.
Then suddenly you’re driving through the hills, then over them. after that across an old lava flow; black gravel and earth on the right short grass on the other side. such a clear image of what made this land.
you know, a pictures says a thousand words? but it’s easier to forget an image then a expirience. also, the more time i spend behind a lens the less i end up noticing around me. reasons why I’m not a photographer. anyway.
Vik’s big thing is terrifying ocean crashing against black sand beaches. yesterday evening we walked along one of the beaches during low tide then drove up to the lighthouse after.








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