More of Vìk, zero puffins.

The two other days I spent in Vìk consisted of one very windy morning followed by an acre of sushi and an expertly baked chocolate cake

I woke early the next morning because firstly I wanted to see puffins and secondly I’m just a bit weird that way. I saw and heard seagulls everywhere-they have it pretty cosy nesting in the cliffs, the puffins, however escaped me. Still, hiking beside the morning sun and then coming back for nap time at 7am not too terrible.



The same day i hitchhiked back to Reykjavik and caught sight of these beauties along the way. Also, people are way too nice! Our last ride lived a bit outside downtown but she drove us into town so we could walk back to our place. I kind of want to bring a bag of small chocolates with me so I can give them to lovely people. And be creepy.




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Someone who knows what she's doing but doesn't know what to do with herself. Love's looking at mountains, finding delicious food at markets, keeping active and riding her cruiser around. View all posts by robin

2 responses to “More of Vìk, zero puffins.

  • Donna

    You crack me up. First time hitchhiking? Now I’m thinking I should detour to Iceland if I get to Spain in the fall.

    • robin

      Of course! Everyone loves it here and now I can give you tips on where to go (like I found out on Sunday that Saturday is 50% off candy at the 11mart)

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