A bit of Brussels

Here’s the deal: Beer, Chocolate, Waffels, more beer, beautiful architecture, new earings?

I’m a bit of a fan and I still haven’t tried the chocolate. reason? there is a chocolate shop on every street, chocolate is everywhere. it’s just a bit duanting. Instead of eating chocolate all day I woke up early do do laundry with my new ausie buddies and go on a walking tour of the city. I almost feel too knowledgable now, we walked a lot. this is another moment where I feel I owe you more photos but sometimes you can tell a picture is just too inadequate to cover the scene. So here are some pieces from our tour


<a href="https://robinineurope


A few Space Invaders art pieces from a unknown artist

PJ: our hilarious tour guide who limped all around with us for 2 hours with a broken toe. Total history nerd with a cheesy personality- one of my favourite parts of the afternoon. And of course, obligatory brussels photo-op with this classy guy



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Someone who knows what she's doing but doesn't know what to do with herself. Love's looking at mountains, finding delicious food at markets, keeping active and riding her cruiser around. View all posts by robin

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