First day in Ghent/Gent/Gand(?)

I don’t even know where to start with this city. Really. It was a snap getting from the train station to the info centre which was the only priority i had when i got here. Find a map. try to figure out where on earth to go. As always, it’s best to walk in circles when first arriving somewhere new-at least this seems to be my chosen method. this time, however I walked in a large circle with purpose! after i begged the tourist info lady for suggestions she handed me a map of a route to walk through the old centre “the bowl” she called it. I had a whole day to kill lugging my delightfully not light backpack around so my plan consisted of walk this walk as slowly as possible. I don’t have anything to compare it to but i spent extra time resting, I mean “admiring” the city along the way.
First there was the Gravensteen “Castle of the Counts”. yeah right? so I figure that covers castles for a bit



Inside was pretty sparse; a few weapons, suits of armour and torture instruments on display. guillatines, the usual. I was pretty impressed by the guns they had on display. Definitely pieces of art-don’t want to kill animals or things with weapons not fit for a gentlemen right?

After that short detour I walked towards St Michael’s church. Looked out over this

20140516-201652.jpg And walked into the church where I was encouraged to take pictures-if i wanted! I’m not a fan of church’s or photos but the beauty of this church, the organ music playing quietly in the background; if that’s what religion revolved around, just beautiful things filling your eyes and ears, I could get on that wagon.



After St Michaels I walked past this amazing hair choice

And heard the sound of a some slide guitar. Bam. beelined towards that and listened to some amazing blues and rock (a bit of stairway to heaven, of course) for a couple hours drinking cheap beer on the sidewalk with some other listeners. finished my walk and only got mildly lost. hmm starting to sound like my new catch-phrase there.




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