First beach of the summer at Den Haag

Saying The Hague you probably don’t think beachy town. thats true Den Haag is where the house of orange resides (royal quarters), where the UN tribunal meet and the house of parliament for the Netherlands. I was very lucky, I stayed with some really nice, mildly cat-obsessed couch surfers who live in scheveningen, 10 minutes from the beach. The beautiful sunset was my first night there.

My second day I burrowed the bike and road past the peace palace and peace flame then onto the Japanese botanic gardens. Is it a rule that every city has botanic gardens? it wouldn’t be a bad rule but i do question the specific reasoning that called for “botanic gardens” can’t we creat new green spaces and name them “nice gardens” or “free grass”. No?






The second day I took the tram downtown for 3 euros, past the palace (under construction) to a tea shop that although slightly disappointing in variety (no oolong, no deal) happened to have a wonderful collection of themed teapots




Not feeling like going to the same old-here’s-another-work-of-art-museum I instead went to the Escher Museum. I learned that besides a unique style Escher was ridiculously talented and disliked school, liked traveling to remote towns and liked nature.





What a cool guy.


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