Walking through history in the secret Annex

There is no photography allowed, really I guess there isn’t a lot to see. Everyone enters through a building next door and then walks through the storehouse below; the offices; past the bookcase that hides the entrance to the hiding place which you must duck to step through to. Once inside the secret annex you walk, In a quiet line of museum goers through bare rooms with wooden floors. The windows are all covered in black out curtains but I was somehow surprised that it felt so dark, almost stifling. On the walls are pictures of what the rooms looked like when lived in, they feel large. More so then I imagined but it’s easy to see space when ones only passing through.
The kitchen has a small gas stove and one long counter. In Anne’s room are the only decorations, a strange selection of her postcard and picture collection glued to her walls, ranging from cherubs to old painting to pictures of actresses cut out of magazines.
Near the end of the museum there is a video running of her friend who spoke to Anne shortly before the war ended. It was weird to see and realize again how young she was, how if she lived she would be living her life now, a famous author probably. There were also biographies of the people who his the Franks and it’s impossible to say enough about their bravery.



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One response to “Walking through history in the secret Annex

  • Donna

    I think I would have cried through the whole thing. Because of my German heritage I feel…. guilty? ashamed? just plain bad the country my parents were from was responsible for some terrible things. I need some chocolate now.

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