The only thing I can say is “privo”

Prague and i did not get off to a good start. one of the talents ive dicovered i posses is being able to get lost under any circumstances.
I really believe im special in this outstanding show of ability. my proof: I asked directions on my way to the hostel-something i hate to do. I made sure i was on the right train, i got off at the appropriate stop, i asked a coiuple on the street which directions my map was telling me to go. I found the st the hostel was on. then circled it for 30 minutes. In the midst of a heat wave. I passed the same girl at least 3 times as she went about her day from bookshop to icecream. on the 4th circle of the square- having asked at the info center and being directed to a corner i’d passed already, she asked if i needed help. clearly. She set off and saw the sign for the hostel (that i must have passed 5 times). my adorable guitar crammed in its cloth grocery bag was what really saved me. because of my exasperating afternoon I made a friend in prague and we made plans to play music in the park the next day. it was swell

the rest of my prague-ing was well..full of haphazard decisions. city tour-as always. short story: Prague is just full of beautiful buildings. a lot of people complain that its really touristy in the summer and thats true but having a street full of people doesnt get in your way of enjoying some art nouveau or baroque



its hard to find a better reason to go into a church then the one on the tour: to see a dead theifs arm hanging from then ceiling. Don’t try to steal the golden necklace from the madonnas neck, she wont let go of your arm and then the priest will use it as a warning. kind of great. and it’s quite pleasing how it’s qiuetly displayed without any signs.


the other church i set foot in was to see the stained glass by Mucha.


It felt a little strange stepping into a a church as, by this time out small tour had descended into the realm of lewd jokes and…just yeah, a guy who has no problem shouting penis into a fellow tour group.
As for the “castle” it was a bit of an exaggeration. Louis the 4th makes a mean castle but it’s more of an endles expanse of buildings on top of a hill then the disney deal. but man, the view.

one other adventure: the sad mis-adventure of the free drink bar crawl. it’s an east Europe thing (I think) turns out it killed off half of my next day. but the timing was somehow fateful: just as i’d recovered enough to wallk away from the malln (stolen iphone chords) and into the maniciple house (art nuevou) I ran into probably the sweetest lady in the world who gave me a free ticket to the classicle concert that started in 10 minutes.
Hard to regret spending th entire morning feeling like death when i got to end my evening in one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague





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