More Vienna

School trips aside I was both over and underwhelmed by what vienna offered. for starters, although i stumbled across a beautiful ROA there was a suspicious lack of street art. As if Vienna is overfull of Renaissance paintings leaving limited breeding ground for young art. I did find a ROA though

Other good stuff i did find was scattered across the walls on the shores of the danube in between and behind the bars and restaurants set up for summer.


Vienna is the home of Klempts “the kiss” located in Belvedere palace amidst a fraction of viennas collection of 19th-20th century art.
it was too difficult to take pictures with all the security stalking about but I saw this and had to risk the reprimand


a separate wander brought me past some vintage shops. I may have to accept that although old things re plentiful here so far the vintage prices have been a little bit outrageous. 27 dollars for a collard shirt? you must be kidding me. flea markets are an option. I mean, I could put that 27 towards a new chandelier or a lovely gramophone

Or i could spend 8 euros on salty vegetables full of cheese, decide they’re gross and throw them in the trash then go to a classic coffee shop for lunch serenaded by classical piano tunes and expertly ignored by the equally classic indifferent waiters.

The closest things to a night out involved: a long journey to a very smokey room to catch the end of a jazz performance; an afternoon of buying 2 dollar cans of beer at the island festival and listening to endless covers of pop songs; meeting a few people outside the kebab stand at the metro, searching for the football and instead finding the outdoor movie screen playing a classic and wonderfully racist film.
never mind the chilly rain, the theatre gave out fashionable ponchos.



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