A few hours in Munich

>I didn’t really edit this; sorry if things hurt your eyes<
For most of july I'm picking berries and cleaning up after goats on a farm in Salgen. Farm life again. I have learned that goat milk is delicious and goat milk cheese is really easy to make.

I used A day off to hop on no less than three trains and head into Munich. It was a bit of a scramble but I made it to the city tour and got some culture and important sights seen like the astronomical clock. Dare I say, it could before entertaining than the one in Prague. (Prague clock is more pretty though)


Blahblahblah:palace, church ect. old history in Germany is a mirage: most of the old buildings were restored (read: completely rebuilt) after the war.
A place we walked past that I found really interesting was the site of a nazi standoff with police. 14 Nazis were shot so, of course the nazis put up a memorial to the fallen “heroes” on the wall which all passersby were required to salute. The beautiful thing is so many Germans would evade saluting by cutting around and through an alley that the nazis put guards there to monitor if people went through the alley too often. The gold on the cobbles is munichs memorial to this sequence of events. >
Hours walking around in the somewhat rainy city installed a great craving in me for a pretzel. I mean, I’ve been in cologne and berlin but neither of those cities felt like Pretzel cities, yes, it may have been watching people drink beer in the beer garden or just walking past all the wurst in the butchers windows or just realizing how attractive laderhosen can look on the right legs…anyway. A group of backpackers found our way to the most famous beer hall Hofbrauhaus for some beer. the smallest glass is .5 litre and thats only the weizen, alcohol free (hah!) or radler. 1 litre of beer it is. The two Aussies sitting in our group drank two..those australians, man.


20140715-214307-78187232.jpg<br /
Also notice the classic german hipster to my right in the photo.


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