Luzern and Zurich

First stop in Switzerland
Train…traaaiiin, traaaaaiiiin, MOUNTAINS! I have arrived in switzerland. it is a beautiful treat for the eyes journeying past lake zurich and seeing the mountains on my way to Luzern. eye candy. Switzerland is eye candy. whats even better is the Lindt chocolate i am appropriately eating while writing this.

IMG_1561.JPG Zurich wasn’t on my list of places to go-just another city but when riding through i noticed there was some neat grafitti by the trackds. also, its only 45 minutes from lucerne! My couch surfing host also had to go into zurich the next day. perfect?
We spent some time wandering around the old centre’s cobbled streets and the lakeside then strolling past a church with the greatest stained glass windows

I know, right? They’re rocks. Way long ago sliced geodes were used but these were installed recently as the winning design from a contest.

After old town I found my way to the west zurich, an old industrial district turned arts centre. There was some graffiti I’d seen from the train

IMG_1547.JPG this was pretty much the only one I really liked. Damn spoiled after Berlin. West Zurich is also full of unique bars and cool restaurants. I walked into Les Halles and found myself in Portland. Every wall covered in posters, old furniture everywhere, a bio grocer attached and gourmet canteen food. The beer I tried was not really dark (hard to find dark beer (excluding Belgium of course)), the beer here is really good, it tastes so clean, you can really tell the difference the water makes.
After so much walking I hoped on one of Switzerland amazingly comfortable trains and made it back to the apartment in Luzern without even getting lost on the way!

It was great walking around Luzern with Lea just chatting about anything.. I think this trip has let me become more comfortable with just letting go of thoughts in my head. I hope so anyway. I just hope I don’t turn into some frivolous chatterbox. Anyways, I got to see the touristy things and what a beautiful little city Luzern is. The Monument to the fallen soldiers of Switzerland

The old bridges. One only old until it was burnt down in the 90s. the highlight in both are the murals painted on wooden boards between the beams of the ceiling each depicting the history of the town. I particularly liked the ones telling the story of the plague since they have a really creepy atmosphere and skeletons representing death lurking on every panel

We both avoided the swans on the lake-agreeing that the numerous tourists feeding them were stupid and crazy.
My highlight was a boat ride on lake Luzern on my last morning there. we packed fruit and brought along chocolate and cheese we’d bought the day before. perhaps the most amazing thing was that it did not rain until after we docked! just kidding…the most amazing thing was, well everything.



Even the onion sprouts and early morning. although, leaving my travel towel there was a bit of a downer.


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