Sleeping beauty’s castle: Now a major tourist attraction near you.

K, so king Ludwig was actually the one to build this (hire many underlings to realize his designs)

Also, it’s only one of his castles. there are 3. Neuschwanstein is the last the very eccentric king began building and was left unfinished after his death.

inside you aren’t allowed to take photos but look up photos and you’ll realize how imaginative this guy was. he styled the castle after Wagner’s operas, inside the room leading from his bedroom is a literal cave. litteraly, he had a cave constructed inside his castle on top of a mountain. Also a the chapel is modelled in a byzantine style with a gold chandelier in shaped like a Byzantine church roof. What’s most strange though is likely the fact that this castle had electricity. It’s that new and shiny.

The castle was “finished” without the tallest tower being built but it’s still easy to see how it inspired castles in Disney movies

A few fellows in the our small tour group lusted after living there but its a sentiment i don’t understand. besides having the greatest ever window seat/reading cubby in ludwigs room complete with stunning mountain and lake views theres not really much else…even my sister would probably get tired of sitting and reading.

Not everyone has the kingly option of staying up all night and taking midnight carriage rides through the woods.



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