Fun few hours in Bern

Thanks to one run-away towel I found myself with a reason to make a detour. I arranged to meet Lea in Bern it being kind of in-between Luzern and Lauterbrunnen (a triangular middle)
Also, I spent the morning walking and wanted to save any strength left In my legs for via feretta the next day.

Best thing is waking up and looking out at beautiful mountains.
Second best: Waking up to a fresh croissant dropped off by my couch provider (full disclosure it was actually a bed in a spare room.) Baker’s rock.

I was only in Bern for a few hours but it seems pretty cool. The style of the city feels almost perisian.. Old town shopping is all the same trends but placed under grand arcades and stuffed underneath in the old cellars.

Randomly walking around old time meant I went past Einstines house because… Well it was in the way. For super sciencey me the most interesting thing I learned was that he loved playing the violin. Hmm knowledge.
Slightly more entertaining (in a very mean way) was staying to watch the astronomical clock. By this time I consider myself somewhat of a clock conisouer; every city has one (of course Prague’s is the best) hence I was not that surprised when after people gathered to watch the phenomenon saw a golden statue stutter his way to hitting a golden bell and. No, that’s pretty much it. The audience awkwardly waiting for more with expressions learned through many disappointing Christmases was worth more entertainment than the clock tower was ever capable of.

Then I went to visit The Bern bears. The bears are sort of mascots of Bern. They’ve got some nice digs except for the whole in a cage people staring at you thing.

The tourist office actually marked Bern’s alternative arts hub on my map. I was pretty surprised that the reitschule was so recognizable- isn’t counter-culture normally hidden(?). The graffiti covered station had a really cool vibe although it was pretty disappointing to be hit on a few feet out of the building, less than 20 meters away from a feminist rights space inside. Maybe the dude sensed my love of irony?

My most astonishing stumbled-upon event of the day was a music group- busking on the main st. Every time I see an amazing busking performance I think “there’s no way I will find anything better”. Then you walk up to 3 giant drums and bagpipe shredding. Never heard of bagpipe shredding? This guy may have invented it.



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