Hiking under/over/across mountains in Lauterbrunnen

After my first 5 minutes walking in Lauterbrunnen I was in love. I’m not alone either, everyone who lives there is friendly- the kind of smile and say hello on the street village that’s now only a fable in Vancouver. I talked about it to a fellow traveler and she had the same feeling agreeing; “I was just smiling the whole time”.

IMG_1566.JPG During my first full day I decided to go for a small hike thing since at this point in my backpacking career my exercise usually consist of standing in museums and walking to the next place for beer/coffee.

2 and a half hours later I wander in to some random village that’s still 20minutes from Murren where the gondola up to the Schilthorn starts.


I wish I understood why looking at mountains and walking in the sun is such a soul warming experience. We walk a lot of places. Every day. All the time. Why do people just love looking at mountains so much?
Walking through the car-free village of Murren the most noticeable difference isn’t that the air tastes cleaner it’s the fact that it’s so quiet. I never notice the sound of traffic but without cars the place feels deadly silent.
Up up more, this time skipping another 4 hour hike in favour of 20 minutes of gondolas through some lovely scenery..

On top of the Schilthorn. It’s ok switzerland I didn’t need to see those mountains anyways I’m sure these will do just fine



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