Lausanne land of hills

Lausanne, Geneva’s hip neighbour. A student city with a lot of hills. All the hills.

It’s also home to the Olympic headquarters (the things I learn..) and a really fancy Olympic museum. A lot of history spanning the Olympics and the effects on the nature of competition and culture. it was interesting to see the progression of the Torches and (mostly) really creepy mascots.


The person I was staying with knew about a movie playing outdoors. i went with him and his friend, both of them travelled in South America and speak spanish fluently (plus french and english) which made watching a Spanish movie a little easier in their case. luckily one of Switzerland’s national languages is german so I had a spanish/german lesson reading the subtitle’s and trying to follow the plot.

My art excursion for the city led me to mussee du brut. a gallery housing artwork by people living on the fringes of favourite thing was one mans life’s passion for drawing imaginary creatures



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