Why Edinburgh is one of my favourite citys

Ok, just kidding. The place is not permanently inhabited by obscenely muscled clowns in shimmering skintight unitards… Give me a minute.

What it does have: old buildings and way too many church’s.
Many parks and way too many golf courses.
Two pubs to every block (for a start) and too many drunk people(?)

And all the fillings are vegetarian friendly. Wha’? What is this Scotland? Since when is there world cuisine everywhere, 10 kinds of humous in the supermarket and a bunch of cute coffee shops including a fancy roaster downtown?
So maybe that creepy orange iron-something drink (tastes like cream soda and cotton candy) is more popular than cola and there are haggis flavoured potato chips for sale at the grocery store, but still.
Underneath all the clouds there is something really cool

Plus, it’s the birth place of Harry Potter and the resting place of Tom Riddle

BAM! Edinburgh.


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Someone who knows what she's doing but doesn't know what to do with herself. Love's looking at mountains, finding delicious food at markets, keeping active and riding her cruiser around. View all posts by robin

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