The capital of Norway before Oslo, nowadays it’s a bit smaller.
The harbour is breathtaking. In this city I didn’t leave the harbour-side. I spent my time walking around the cobbled streets and taking pictures of bryggen and the fjord.


It’s a pretty relaxing place to travel in seeing as most of the museums close at 4pm. There is nothing you really have to see either, I just stopped in at the city history museum an the Norway culture museum.
The evening was spent hiking to the top of the nearby hill to see the fjord and many fit Norwegians jogging past me.

The hostel I stayed at happened to have a roof terrace-unarguably the perfect place to practice guitar and drink a very average expensive Norwegian beer.
Departure day. Before hopping on a boat northwards to Ålesund I got on another boat for a brief cruise through some of the fjords. It was very windy. We shot through the waters leaving Bergen quickly, everyone’s shutters snapping frantically to try and catch images of the sky, mountains, ocean.
We slowed as we came to a narrow pass and i quickly volunteered when the chance to help collect a bucket of waterfall to drink came up.



The one big sight I was rather disappointed in was the fish market. There’s lots of fish… If only I liked fish. Or whale. If I liked whale I would have been over the moon!



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