Wish I went to school here..

Lund: A very, very cute city. So little, mostly consisting of university buildings and second hand stores.


I felt really museumed-out so bypassed the sketch museum and walked past the ducks and plants in the botanic gardens.

Being there during frosh week meant I really got to enjoy the student atmosphere: pink tutus everywhere along with other uniforms like cheap “60s dude” Halloween ensembles. The chanting starts early afternoon. It all made for some great free entertainment.

Another important thing that brought me to Lund was to visit a yogi friend from Vancouver who is starting her masters in the beautiful city. An amazing coincidence is that there is a hot yoga studio in Lund (very cool place run by super nice people too!)
So not only did I get to see a good friend I got to take a yoga class.

The next day Still not digging the museum thing I instead went to see a movie (nothing is dubbed in Scandinavia, hence the freakishly perfect American accents). At first it there was only one other ad myself in the theatre then 4 more people came in and ruined it. I completely forgot that movies mean commercials, but guess what? I can really say I totally loved watching them! In the beginning of my trip I paid a lot more attention to the advertisements in shop windows; they’re the best representation of popular culture. For instance: the models. The look and hair are societies ideal right? In Switzerland this was a lot of pretty blind people. In Germany the pictures showed people a bit more edgy, probably wearing nerdy glasses.
I don’t remember many of the adds but the best one was for a Mini Cooper and showed a couple driving home from an event, turning up the base an turning up the heat (mrwwmrwoo), pulling into the car park they lean in (as I’m thinking ahgahd why am I watching this..) a voice in the add cuts in “eww” and we see the two kids in the backseat.


P.S if anyone wants to watch Guardians of the Galaxy with me when I get home..

P.P.S random sticker art



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