Summer homes and cheap meals around Stockholm

Stockholm is a bunch of islands. Then some more islands where fancy houses and secluded summer homes reside.
I went out on a day trip with some girls I met on the södermalm tour. We spotted a zillion places we’d like to live (only 900,000 gets you a little island) and saw one seal.


After the morning we walked through the old kings’ hunting ground’s to have fika (coffee and pastry) in the gardens at rosendal. That was after our 7/11 lunch and probably my billionth falafel. Maybe next time I’ll travel somewhere not in Europe. If I see one more falafel after this trip I am going to start eating meat.


After an evening tour through old town we found our way back to södermalm- Stockholm’s south/hipster/cheapish area for dinner of some kind. Only 70 krone for a burger meal at a street stand! Best deal you will ever find in Stockholm. And definitely enough money for pick ‘n mix.





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