The sinking city

Venice is canals and bridges, cafés, gondoliers, my favourite drink spritz and yet somehow more then that.

It’s touristy, that’s true but it doesn’t take much more then a random turn into a narrow street to find yourself in silence.
For this I fell in love with the city, just a little.
Venice is full of tourists: every other shop sells leather handbags or postcards or masks (in case you forgot to buy one 8 meters ago) despite this Venice still has something. Cafés where drinking coffee is so much part of the daily routine there is a cheaper price to have your caffeine fix standing at the bar, same for your very important daily breaks with the inclusion of spritz a white wine orange bitters combination and cicchetti; individual fried fish or vegetable snacks.

First morning in the city I started with the free walking tour to learn such important facts as: None of the bridges in Venice used to have railings (eep), where to find the best gelato and also that at one time homosexuals were so common in the city the courtesans were bringing in less money- something the duke didn’t like. Solution? Order the courtesans to show their breasts to passing men.
I thought this was freaking hilarious-along with one other person in the group.

Important information ascertained myself and a great character I met on the tour headed off to complete the venice tourist checklist.
Eventually we found out way to st Marc’s piazza and had to check out the prices at cafe florian: venice a oldest cafe.



We made our way up the tower for views over the city.

Cross a few more canals and we made it to nicos for gianduiotto (only getting mildly lost). gianduiotto is a dense, chocolate hazelnut ice cream served in a cup with heaps of whipped cream. I took a picture of its deliciousness with my mouth. Whoops. I did get a photo of the sunset I saw while eating.



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