(This city’s guardian is a dragon)

One very long and sweaty bus ride got me from Venice to the capital of Slovenia. A city I’ve never heard of and only figured out how to pronounce upon arrival. Another art nouveau city! Thank you perfectly timed massive earthquake.
My first evening I walked around mouth agape at some of the beautiful architecture



then walked towards metelkova- the local squat/alternative arts hub based in some old military barracks.
I wasn’t scared walking through the area as it was getting dark, I just felt a little out of place. Clusters of friends were already comfortably drinking beer around the adult jungle gym and there I am just wandering through… Oh hey just a tourist here.
What a cool place full of freaky graffiti.



On the city walking tour I met up with a fellow girl from my hostel. I knew she was a keeper since she was traveling solo for a bit and carrying a book with her all the time.
after the tour we went to the city market to admire the milk vending machine, buy a bag a plums (everything is so cheap!) and my friend failed to fight off her addiction to handmade bags.
we walked up the hill to the castle and walked around its strange complex of new paths overtop old stone.

IMG_2279.JPGafter walking back through old town we eventually found one of Ljubljana’s many art galleries; this one had an exhibition on art in the digital age including an entire wall of memes.
from there i stopped for tea and a vegetarian sandwich with avocado-eating vegetables is something to celebrate during a life of backpacking, and green tea. I couldn’t resist going inside to smell the teas for sale. oolong smells so good, I am week.

Instead of going out that evening I sat down to a game of cards and some Slovenian red wine. Slovenia makes a lot of good wine. spending 4 euros will mean a really good bottle but, y’know, a two euro bottle is pretty swell too.
i’m positive there’s no better way to spend an evening than spending 3 hours playing presidents and assholes with some new friends


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