Skocjan caves and goodbye to Slovenia

After Bled I went back to Ljubljana for a few more days. There was still some coffee to be tried, more gelato to be eaten and apparently Slovenia is famous for some caves a bit southwest of the capital.
The super touristy postojna were not that appealing (despite the child clearly screaming for joy riding the cave train on the front of the brochure).
Instead myself and Jake embarked on what we wrongfully presumed would be a straightforward journey to the Škocjan caves.
We caught the bus into the nearest town ready for a bit of a walk easily shown to us by the tourist office in the nearby train station. Non of these things existed. Some rambling around and eventually we ended up at a cafe using the wifi to google how to get there.
Long story short made it! Looked at a lot of really old rocks. The caves were amazing. It was really freaky imagining what it must have been like for the early explorers in the cave. Even for the later explorers… There were a lot of narrow stairs and skinny bridges.




After a decade long bus ride supplemented by a bottle of wine and some great views of Slovenian nature we got back to Ljubljana.
Home of the milk vending machine- can’t remember what I’ve said previously but, RAW MILK vending machine!

Another “adventure” of trying to find some music that evening eventually led me and a Belgian girl to a jazz jam session at a popular student bar. Beat boxing base player. Night was made. Also- random street art I found- I think it’s been multiplying as school semester draws neigh.






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