How am I in Prague again?

Through a bit of peer and parental pressure and a bit of enthusiasm on her part, my sister decided to join me for my last three weeks in Europe.

After talking about meeting her for a week I realized it was suddenly only two days until I would see her in Prague.
Prague is many peoples favourite city: it’s beautiful, cultural and cheap. Also, it appeared to be close to Slovenia. Kind of. It doesn’t feel close when you have to catch a six hour train to Vienna then another from there to arrive in Prague at four-thirty in the am. Mmm.

It’s kind of super strange traveling with someone else. Almost as strange realizing I now have a piece of my family next to me again.

We’ve been dividing our time between our interests which led to a trip to the Prague zoo on her second day here. Luckily we both like eating tasty food and I introduced her to kofola (better then cola)


best looking birds



great quotes on the Lenin wall


IMG_2426.JPGsome traditional pastry and craft coffee (sister had the chocolatiest hot chocolate)



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