I feel like I’ve never spent more time walking and using the metro then I have in this city. This is supposed to be a chill place but holy damn it’s just walking walking walking and people everywhere and stuff everywhere. Park guell is so touristy in bits that rows of people set up blankets of cheap souvenirs and actually sell stuff. The beware of pickpocket cartoons played on the metro are super cute but it’s still exhausting always looking after your stuff (I do this usually but here it’s on another level- Constant Vigilince!)

Enough of my rant. The city is in fact really cool (the 8million-whatever-tourists have a reason for visiting). As the capital of Catalan Barcelona is almost a separate place from the rest of Spain: they have their own language and crazy traditions, in fact there is a referendum in November on whether Catalan wants to separate (whether this is even possible is another problem).


It seems like the country might end up a bit fucked if they go it on their own but judging by the number of independent state flags I’ve seen the majority appear to be in favour..

The best parts of the city for me have been the parks. Of the 4 that I wanted to go to we made it to park guell and mount tibidabo. Guell was full of tourists but we stayed in the free park area and made it up to some beautiful views over the city. Not to mention someone busking nearby playing a sweet vintage resonator.



Mount tibidabo is the highest point in Barcelona. The sagrada familia will be 1 meter lower than it’s peak when finished. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to take the old tramline to the base of the mountain (it only runs on weekends), we did still take the old funicular to the peak where we found an old chapel and an old amusement park. Anyone could enter the church to admire some very lovely mosaics-not to mention feel what churches are like when not crammed with clicker happy tourists (sorry).
I was mostly excited by how cool old park rides become when placed on top of a mountain.






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