Best bits of Barcelona

For me the highlights of this trip were Casa Batllo (gaudis dragon house); eating tapas with some cool ladies; our last evening of flamenco dancing and churros with chocolate at midnight with those same ladies.

Casa Batllo is a house you almost swim through. Gaudi used the story of st Geordie and the dragon for inspiration. All the walls undulate and natural light enters through the central light well to bounce off stained glass and bright tile.


Compared to other art nouveau styles a lot of elements appear very simple. Here the beauty in the design is in the architectures reflection of nature and the vibrant colours of the tiles an mosaics.

Tapas were just all the time in Barcelona. I’m actually a little tired of tapas. Mostly it’s just challenging when you’re a vegetarian- although patates bravas is delicious it’s one of 3 tapas I can eat.
Oh but the cheese. Montego is a wonderful thing. I think Margaret tried the ham once-tried to convince her to try more to no avail (she did drink a glass of red wine though!).

Through the magic of trip advisor I found flamenco dancing at a small bar for 10 euros. Margaret and I met our trio of new friends there.

Ho man. Talk about amazing.
The guitarist had the fasted fingers and just felt every inch of music he played. At first I was concerned his eye was twitching so much.
Accompanying him the vocalist belted out songs at the top of her lungs.
After two songs the dancer began. I don’t think any of her dance was choreographed, it looked like she just felt the music and fell into it. At a later point the guitarist stopped and the flamenco dancer led.


After five minutes of watching I was thinking to myself “I have to learn this”. It’s the perfect combination of grace, strength and stomping. You just get to dance around the stage stomping and look amazing!

Logically after the show was the perfect time for churros (ha, actually that’s all the time). I’d learned a recommended place on les ramblas was open until 2am on Saturday.

The churros appeared fresh and hot. I was worried two hot chocolates wouldn’t be enough but we managed to share. Yvonne helped the staff by cleaning most of her cup.




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