buds, bikes and a windmill

Oh what a time.

Amsterdam is really lovely (that’s right I called a drug ridden, prostitute filled city lovely). It is though, especially if you check out the local markets, tree lined streets away from the center and ride a bike to try some local craft brews. oh wow, and lets not start on the cheese.

I don’t know where the idea hit from but arriving in the Netherlands and being so close to Belgium I was dying for a waffle. I made a discovery of waffles covered in melted chocolate a the Albertcyup market. These waffles, cheese and cheap Birkenstocks are unfortunately the only redeeming features of Amsterdam’s largest street market. walking past cheap tourist crap and crappy cheap clothing is an unforgivable waste of a market.


Waffle magic

We set out the next day to the waterlooplein market which contained less food but a lot of stuff-everything you want in a market like tons of random clothes and shoes heaped in piles, old books, cool postcards and, of course: bike parts.

If I had the power to buy anything i would’ve snatched up the old gramaphone and these amazing teapots (ironicaly those two things actually sum up my personality quiet well.)




After this market madness it was time for something even more crazy:riding a bike in Amsterdam. Myself and my buddy (bud-get it?) rented bikes from a rental place run by a guy with non-non-existant customer service skills. really, probably the most awkward time i’ve had paying money for a thing…wait. Amsterdam.

Anyway! we took those two dutch bikes on a adrenilin-filled ride to make it out of the red light district; some lady attempting suicide by stepping off the curb directly into my path; me attempting to fray my bud’s nerves by stopping randomly, aggressively crossing busy roads and turning sharply. It’s a lot of ride or die on the shared roads. Probably the two of us have never been happier to get to a brewery.



Delicious friend drinking pretty beer.

Amsterdam brewery


After biking through Vondal park alternately past groups of stoners and swarms of joggers we made it back to the rental shop to return our bikes. Which was not possible since the shop was closed. Remembering this spastic half hour still makes me angry so short story: we locked our bikes to a tree. Very, very, very well!

At least we got to enjoy a free meal at the christian youth hostel my friend was staying at. mostly free: both of us a firm believers in nothing and we had to sit through a very informative video after our meal explaining to us how Jesus is the perfect plate.

It’s a metaphor guys. I don’t know how i made it through the presentation. I’m not anti faith but i am against over the top dramatic presentations with an agenda.

At least I got some good information on the way out.warning


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