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A bunch of stuff about Berlin

So berlin… I can’t explain very well because I’m not sure how much I liked it.
I thought I would fall head over heels for berlin (or whatever the punk-alt way of saying that is); I didn’t.

There are a lot of cool neighbourhoods: Kreuzberg, just a bit rough and really free also Mitte is I think my favourite place mostly because of the giant market in Maur park and the outdoor karaoke

It was incredibly interesting seeing places where so much history took place. Really feeling how short the times been since the fall of the wall.

On my sixth day in berlin I went into the topography of terror museum. Built on the grounds of the Gestapo headquarters it covers every aspect of nazi history including biographies of many people who were affected, either through family or personally with the introduction of forced sterilization. Eventually I got to the point of being so overloaded by these tragedies that I just couldn’t feel sad anymore.


Walking through the maze of stones that form the Jewish memorial is like being in another world- until you come across the groups of high schoolers running about playing hide and seek.

One thing I got to thinking about after is how little the other minorities are talked about. There is a memorial to the sinti and Roma gypsies 2 minutes walk from the Jewish memorial, but it’s barely mentioned in tour books.

The walking tour guide didn’t even touch on the gypsy ghettos or mention the memorial to gays and lesbians who suffered which is practically across the st. It just made me think how there are so many facets to every story and it’s difficult to focus on one without neglecting something that should also be important.


Yet, My tour guide the first day told us: if we sat in the Jewish hoalocoust museum. And listened to the 2 minute biographies of every Jew that died it would take 7 years to hear them all.
Before being there I could only see numbers, now, I can see people, see faces but they seem even more distant. However much we learn about those that died it’s just not enough.