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Lake Bled

Lake Bled- the place so endlessly raved about I made it a mission to come to Slovenia to make it there.

It has everything you’d want in a peaceful lake gettaway: sun (despite all weather forecasts), great swimming, a castle on a hilltop and a church on a floating island. Being a backpacker here I got completely spoiled. Firstly I was lucky enough to travel with some friends i’d met in Ljubljana and, although we stayed at different hostels that didn’t make much difference since 5 hostels were within sight distance from each other. 5 minutes walking to lake to lake. breakfast or emergency wine run meant crossing the street to Mercator. I’m pretty sure i went to buy things 4 times one day.

First walk around the lake we found another backpacker met in Ljubljana (this lady-one cool cat)

A few minutes later another friend wanders past. No one has been up to the castle so we make plans for sunset. and wine. because Slovenian wine is 3 euros, I mean, we have to try all the different kinds.
We find the highest rock to climb overlooking the lake-fears of heights put on the back burner.



after some music and a perfect evening we walk in the dark down the path back to the hostel. The giant group of Brazilian orthodontic students (studying in Hungary) are in the common room-otherwise known as the kitchen. everyone hangs around for a while but when the majority decides to go to the bar I bail. I’ve learned i’m good with one or two nights out a week and feel zero remorse in excluding myself. And, with plans to drag myself out of bed in the morning to watch the sunrise with a few others more sleep is not a bad idea.

(k, so it’s a bit hard to see the sun through the mountains)
The next few days were pretty relaxing..which was actually my plan for Slovenia. strange when things work out. time spent away from the lake was going to Triglav national park to walk through the gorge. beyond anything i dreamed.



Then 7 of us rented paddle boards, 1 kayak and 1 rowboat to travel out to church island. The misty wind meant it wasn’t the warmest standing on a board-although it did make swimming very inviting. And i discovered i’m a natural rowboater. nice to know i have some skills besides getting lost.

One last thing you do in Bled is try the famous(?) cream cake. It’s pretty good- then again when is cake not good?