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Picture stories: art in cologne

First city in Germany! Cologne is very cool. With A large student population the city has a very mellow vibe, some nice museums and some very cool art tucked away around corners and in driveways.



20140603-184003-67203522.jpgthe dead rabbit is my new absolute favourite artist. ROA is all over the world (not Canada, yet though) and his art is in black and white and are representations of animals that are native to that area.
This next is a lot more whimsical. The French artist “invader” has taken on the challenge of posting space invader art in as many countries as possible. He has a website and, basically an empire, at this point.
I also went to some place called koblhalle which was an amazing artists collective. I talked to a few of the artists living there, people come from lots of places; England, Argentina and, you know, Germany. It was like walking through a living antique market full of the greatest finds.




Oh yeah and they had chickens.