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Meeting the Little Mermaid


She just sits there, safe on her rock next to the shore surrounded by tourists and I don’t even mind. Seeing the little mermaid is being in Copenhagen.
I was in the city for 3 days and it didn’t feel like enough. To my dismay the free bike program ended in 2013 and the city bikes available now have very limited docking stations. combine that with my terrible organizational skills and biking will have to wait for next time.
I am already planning on going back. The peaceful yet urban place is a near perfect mix of harbour, arts and growth. not to mention coffee shops and traditional bakeries.

I didn’t take a picture of the baked deliciousness I bought since I was to busy eating it whilst sitting in the sun on a bench in the kings gardens. The baking all has seeds. The bread is dense and full of different grains and even the sweet roll I bought had poppy seeds, sesame and flax on top of its caramelized sugary goodness.

One place every backpacker goes is kristiania: the free city created by hippies in Copenhagen during the 60s. Mostly now it’s famous for its green light district- a street full of every kind of character selling weed. Being from Canada’s greenest city I wasn’t super impressed by that part of the town. What was cool was checking out the gigantic murals painted on house walls, the rambling gardens and dirt path walkways that connected most of the houses. Besides a band playing at Woodstock (the local stage) the place was pretty quiet and peaceful. A good use of an old military base, for sure.

My extra night was mostly for the chance to go to the Viking fair at the museum the next day.

It turned out to be smaller than I expected however, a lot of people got really into it.
There were crafts persons for everything from weaving and metalwork to a stick and poke tattoo artist working on a new design. Also mead. I know now that it’s fermentation is similar to wine, the quality of honey effects the quantity needed and.. It’s good stuff.
I’ll end with my best and most surprising discovery:
7/11s are everywhere. This is mildly surprising but not extremely. However! If you go inside there is a large selection beyond hotdogs and coke (Denmark’s favourite street food). They are so refined as to offer raw and vegan options. That’s right, 7/11 has raw snack food. What is the world coming to