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Why Edinburgh is one of my favourite citys

Ok, just kidding. The place is not permanently inhabited by obscenely muscled clowns in shimmering skintight unitards… Give me a minute.

What it does have: old buildings and way too many church’s.
Many parks and way too many golf courses.
Two pubs to every block (for a start) and too many drunk people(?)

And all the fillings are vegetarian friendly. Wha’? What is this Scotland? Since when is there world cuisine everywhere, 10 kinds of humous in the supermarket and a bunch of cute coffee shops including a fancy roaster downtown?
So maybe that creepy orange iron-something drink (tastes like cream soda and cotton candy) is more popular than cola and there are haggis flavoured potato chips for sale at the grocery store, but still.
Underneath all the clouds there is something really cool

Plus, it’s the birth place of Harry Potter and the resting place of Tom Riddle

BAM! Edinburgh.


The Mother Fringe

Scotland has a very rebellious relationship with the season known as summer. They get along for a few weeks and then the trouble begins. Jackets are necessary, umbrellas will not save you.
I took advantage of the mostly blue skies on my first day-post rejuvenating nap to recover from my 7am arrival- and hiked to the top of Aurthers seat


So that’s both active activity and culture checked off. Time to dive into the Fringe. The main book is too heavy to carry around, listing shows taking place at more then 400 venues around the city.

Phil jupitus poetry show? For free? Yup. Followed by a magic show then a woman stand up comedian’s love of the London Underground and pornography.
If only every choice were so easy. There is much struggle, even working from the free fringe guide there are just too many things! And every walk down the royal mile means encountering the dreaded pleading dead eyes and charisma of people flyering.
With 3 times the normal population in the city centre it got to be feeling pretty crowded. In one instance I got of a bus 3 stops early to save time.
It was amazing. I’ll admit though, I missed the whacky family feel of the Vancouver fringe. Edinburgh is a machine and still manages to retain the crazy shows that to me make the fringe such an amazing festival. There was the classic what is this show and how did I get here moment 10 seconds after walking into “what the fuck is this?” Apparently a slide show and bullying audience members with that one sentence repeated for 50minutes. I ran. The other magical fringe moment “55minutes watching a young in a gorilla suit dressed as an old man”. Yup. Otherwise read as “an audience entertaining themselves and conforming to some sort of strange worship of an ape in a rocking chair”. Beauty.

IMG_1717.JPG what I missed was the smallness- the central gathering point that Vancouver has, the endless curtain speeches and random theme each year.