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A trip to Geneva

An oddly perfect timed arrival in Lausanne meant the chance to see the fireworks in Geneva celebrating Switzerland’s national day. a week late. The fireworks display “Man and Time” didn’t commence until 10pm meaning there was time for my second favourite swiss thing-ferry boat rides


Cheesy plot line aside (For a millennia man has looked to the sun and stars, now with the invention of the watch we come closer to being the masters of our own time) the display was probably the best I’ve seen yet

My next few hours in Geneva were before catching a flight to London. The city is cute..clean. I didn’t get any strong impression while I was there. I chose to go to the Red Cross museum.
Pretty interesting.. Although I somehow felt there was something missing. Or like the whole display after the one room about its founding was a commercial for funding. Probably I am just desensitized after so much charity bombardment.
Spent my last Swiss francs on a bunch of chocolate and some cheese for the London family. Bye Geneva, see ya Switzerland