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Secret not-so-secret graffiti in Ghent

After the first day in Ghent I had not had my fill of old architecture but I’d seen enough to be able to look at other things.
There are tons of old churches: all beautiful. There is a hall built by louis the 5th (big, pretty, lots of gold. king stuff). With my wonderful and enlightening new couchsurfer friend I got to see a few less well trodden sights around the city and eat the best chocolate spread for brunch. Also vraai which i will come to last.

One thing I had to do in Ghent was to see the famous painting “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”. So i saw it. was a’ight. Sorry Hubert van Eyck fans. I payed 4 euros to see this sacrificial lamb which was quite small, but the focal point of (once 12) 8 panels of an alter. The lamb doesn’t like paparazzi so, you know, google.

My wonderful dose of sincere sarcasm, Ben showed me where graffiti alley is. the only place where you’re “allowed” to spray paint walls in Ghent.






We also came across some other art. the middle one is part of a wall dedicated to cycling.




So Vraai. A cake, something closely related may be pumpkin pie. Take you some gingerbread and some speculoos cookies. Mush those together with milk and cook slightly. mix in eggs and cornstarch pour into your cake pan and bake and BAM. desert. mhm. Lastly, Ghent gets even nicer lookin’ at night.