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You know you’re not in Switzerland anymore when the bus is 30 minutes late.
It’s only about 4 hours to Sweden’s second biggest city. I set myself up with penny candy from the grocery store (I can’t even start on how happy penny candy in Scandinavia makes me) plus internet (another opportunity I shirk my blogging) and bus seats all to myself!

Only 1 day in the city. I spent a bunch too many hours trying to find free couches in Oslo. For such a big city Oslo has very few hostels and a very tiny couchsurfing community. Norway, what is up with that?
For once one day may have been enough.. I walked around the cafe streets near the university buildings and caught a tram to the industrial yet strangely fancy area of röda stein. A trip of terrible timing since the art gallery was changing exhibitions that week. Really.. I was a bit disappointed in the old seaport stronghold. Besides the old beer container. And the fact that my guide was a part of Gothenburgs stout/porter club thus able to inform me of the yearly club conferences in the hotel and tastings held by the president in the beer storage-thingy.



So what was the best thing about Gothenburg? The city gardens! Green and forest forever with rough paths and paved ways going through plus penguins and native Swedish animals like sheep, deer and moose as part of the garden zoo- free for everyone. This place isn’t even on my list of (supposed) “top 25 gardens in the world”.

You’d think after walking around a giant park id be done looking at plants. Nah. On my way back to the apartment I found some botanic gardens complete with 19th century palm house.
I stepped inside for the architecture yet ended up in the coolest green house I’ve ever seen!