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Day of outrageous tourist activity.

I did it. Went on a golden circle tour to be part of the massive lumbering tourist trawl that visits Iceland’s major landmarks each year. And yeah, somehow it was still amazing.

We started off by visiting a greenhouse that produces 16% of Icelands tomatoes. It was a bit odd, the greenhouses use massive amounts of energy however, all of Iceland’s power is green and it means they’re able to sustain more and import less. Also, who doesn’t like tomatoes.
next up was the real treat: Gerysir. of course Geysir likes to sleep during the day oft’ times but this little buddy freaks out about every 7 minutes. or 10 if you’re holding your camera ready for a photo.

After Geysir we stopped by Iceland’s largest waterfalls


After a hard morning of looking at nature the bus dropped some of us off at the Fontana steam baths for a taste of a special bread baked in the hot sand beside the lake and, of course, some time in the natural heated pools, hot tubs and steam rooms.

the bread was delicious: soft, made with rye flour so just a bit sweet. only thing-it bakes for 24 hours but if you’re impatient you can put it in the oven for 12 hours.


More of Vìk, zero puffins.

The two other days I spent in Vìk consisted of one very windy morning followed by an acre of sushi and an expertly baked chocolate cake

I woke early the next morning because firstly I wanted to see puffins and secondly I’m just a bit weird that way. I saw and heard seagulls everywhere-they have it pretty cosy nesting in the cliffs, the puffins, however escaped me. Still, hiking beside the morning sun and then coming back for nap time at 7am not too terrible.



The same day i hitchhiked back to Reykjavik and caught sight of these beauties along the way. Also, people are way too nice! Our last ride lived a bit outside downtown but she drove us into town so we could walk back to our place. I kind of want to bring a bag of small chocolates with me so I can give them to lovely people. And be creepy.



A long days journey and a little relaxin

Some know that I have the weakness of sometimes not being able to stay awake I’m cars. Depending how tired I am I could be out in 10 minutes. One would think if I was riding in or bus or on say, a plane, a similar outcome would occur. Not so much. Which is why I’ve had 4 hours of sleep since 5am Sunday.
These are some things I’ve done instead:

found a pretty wall in Seattle

walked around Reykjavik for many hours in the sun



one other important thing i did was to check out the local spa. its kind of great. the facilities have everything, kids toys everywhere, hair dryers in the change room and a machine that dries your swimsuit for you in 10 seconds. there’s a pool for lengths (har) a mild temp one for frolicking and two hot tubs-these are all outdoors by the way- one3 of the hot tubs is shaped like a shallow bowl allowing people to lie down and look up at the sky. and rain to hit you in your face. rain can be pointy when it wants to.
i really like the idea of hanging out in a pool as something to do with friends you get to be cosy all over and if you swim for 5 minutes you can say you excercised.
pretended i was a bee