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London beyond Covent Gardens

One of the coolest things about going to Edinburgh was being able to stop in London for a few days and see some family.
I arrived to a warm welcome and cup of earl grey. After I knocked on a strangers door since the cabby dropped me off 3 blocks away, that is.

My cousins were pretty busy working but we made plans for dinner at the local pub and I spent my first day hunting street art and prying my self away from vintage shops in Brick lane



There is definitely a cool vibe around the area.. Almost too cool. Everyone looks a bit like they belong in some kind of underground rock band. Or it might just be the London accent playing tricks on me.

Dinner at the local was the quintessential pub experience: young dad looking after 7 year old daughter and newborn son being passed around by the regulars- the older crowd content to joke around or stop by on their way home for a drink while the younger patrons set themselves up around a larger table more secluded.
And dinner, not quite the traditional pub fare- unless goat cheese soufflé is now the norm.

Day 2 was spent at Camden market. A definite hazard to my wallet I managed to avoid buying anything other than a wooden iPhone case (bet gained down to half price by my noncommittal hums and the stall owners eagerness to make a sale) and a small leather bound book made with recycled paper. Other hot market items of the hour: anything “tribal” wood earrings n’stuff, wood cell cases or sunglasses.. Or anything that looks old

After that there was enough time to meet up with my old work chum and catch the overnight coach to Edinburgh!