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Madrid was full of looking at amazing food and a walking tour designed to squash as much information as possible into our heads.


Madrid is not full of old, opulent buildings except for the old royal palace. Modelled on Versailles, I can say with assurance it’s very impressive from the outside

We spent a lot of time walking around the city but, after 6 months of museums in my case; 3 weeks for my sister and for my mom 8 weeks free of city crowds, no one felt like visiting a museum (not even a museum of ham)

My sister and I started off by figuring out the bus to town and taking a ride on the gondola from oeste park

IMG_2683.JPG it was a fun (and cheap) to ride over the trees ending up in the middle of the largest park in the city. After Barcelona even this touristy attraction felt wonderfully calm. We walked through the park a bit admiring the different trees and trying to spot parakeets and parrots in the foliage.

IMG_2681.JPG (these guys have excellent camouflage)

We returned on the gondola to the city for some authentically terrible diner food. I won’t go into too much detail (fries should not taste like fish) but it appears being choosy about where to eat is actually necessary.

We made up for it the next day by buying the best churros con chocolate ever! I’m not joking, amazing. plus the cafe itself was old and fancy (the way all cafes should be)

Family time It may be good that I didn’t stay in Spain any longer. as a vegetarian who loves chocolate staying in a country where ham is in everything would probably have led to some questionable dietary decisions..