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First Swedish city and a Swedish holiday

I caught a train from Copenhagen to Malmö, I guess I stopped by just in time to join in a crayfish party.
I will never understand. Crayfish tablecloths, hats, streamers. Bowls full of crayfish; their little eyes staring at you as the carnage of the yearly festivity begins. I tried 3. It seems to be a very challenging meal to get at but I am always a fan of party hats.
I was too overwhelmed to take photos. (That’s a lie, I just don’t do the picture thing.)
I later learned if you aren’t old or in need of another excuse to get drunk crayfish parties are not that big a deal. Wait. That just sounds like every holiday.
Moving on.

Other things to do in Malmö are walking to the museum housed in an old fortress.

Walking through the Gardens I got to experience some typical Skane summer: rain. No wait, sun. No. Yes.
The best aspect of the gardens around the museum is the vegetable garden and coffee shop inside a greenhouse.
I had already found a fantastic roaster to supply my morning coffee so instead, after the the museum to escape the rain I opted for some cheesecake at a popular establishment in the old town square. Not the most Swedish place to be but wherever there is cheesecake to be eaten one is in a good place.