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Vigeland Sculpture park+Oslo things

Oslo’s best touristy thing is the Vigeland sculpture park (rated in the “top 25” park list) one person made all of these incredibly expressive sculptures and they’ve been put on display in a giant city park.
I road one of Oslo’s numerous yet incredibly ghetto city bikes from my hostel in grünerloken (the cool east side of the city) to the park. 3 speeds and you can easily feel any incline. Shitty brakes have a similar effect.
A little sweat and I made it- 20 seconds before the tour busses pulled in. Ah well.



I decided getting cake at Oslo’s best bakery was a much better idea than biking back right away


I managed to get one more cultural thing squeezed in that day and that was a ferry ride to Oslo’s open air museum. It was fairly interesting… I find history is romanticized a bit too much in these kinds of things. It’s very easy to just walk around in the sun and remark how cute the buildings are. I mean, unless you ask the interpreters something and also end up learning farmers preferred to not use candles very often because they were made from fish oil. Yum.
A building really worth looking at was the museums Stave church.

IMG_1856.JPG wooden church with very ornate woodcarving on the door and around the alter. It also has a distinct lack of windows. Turns out windows have a distinct lack of ability to keep heat in- something useful in a Scandinavian winter. (Fireplaces weren’t really an option)



I don’t think I’ve ever wasted so much time finding accommodation.
The only two hostels in Oslo were booked up Friday and Saturday nights. Standing in the Tourist office I pinned my hopes on a quick airbnb response in light of my emergency couch being super unresponsive.

Luck with airbnb was on my side though- upon finding a room I got myself settled and my great host offered me some coffee and brunost Norwegian cheese (brown cheese).

I’m always wary in the beginning of meeting new people but this guy was a real traveler. Going by himself and traveling as often as possible, he spent a month in the Philippines and has been to china and Cambodia.

We walked up to Ekeberg park, overlooking Oslo fjord and harbour. On the way back we passed some statues (Oslo’s favourite thing) and the bridge where Munch was inspired to paint the scream.



I Never made it to the Munch museum, something I really regret. Oh Oslo, I had so many plans for you. Maybe I would have got further is your coffee didn’t suck.

My first full day I walked past the new opera house just to look around. At the entrance I was given a pamphlet written in Norwegian but with some sort of schedule on it.. For free open house activities! Home of the opera and ballet I got to see snippets of singing grandly in the foyer and dance pieces from the new show. Getting to see the ballet was extra special since I only saw the last 5 minutes of “so you think you can dance” on tv before I left that morning.


Afterwards I managed to end up on the most radical street tour I’ve yet been on. Advertised as a free Oslo tour it, our guide was an anarchist-artist and led us through the city looking at street art and talking a bit about cultural history in the area. Atop an art school overlooking the city we all imitated the scream.