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Welcome to Bratislava

Why are you in Bratislava robin? Why the heck am I anywhere? Sometimes plans are made based on opportunity more than research or schedules.
Hop on the train in Vienna and in one hour you’re in a new city, new country. Why would I not go?


I’m so glad that I did.

Coming into Bratislava as usual, I basically had zero idea about what to see, where to go or what to expect. Well, it’s in Slovakia so I did expect cheap prices and unpronounceable strings letters in street names. No surprises there.
I was surprised by how welcoming the small centre feels. Old town is like a tiny Prague since unlike in the Czeck republic when the soviet government was in charge here most of the city was nocked down and repurposed to be more functional. Or whatever. So the prettiest buildings all live in an easily walkable cluster. The real charm here is that you can still walk around old town and see locals and alleyways empty except for the nightclub posters on the walls.

Actually, it’s so relaxed that the only nightlife during the week is every students favourite bar- KC danaj and the local pubs showing the football matches. If you do some research there are a lot of music venues which look really cool

But for most of those you have to be willing to sacrifice the three beers worth of money for the cover (3 euros in this case). The nightly mangy bar crawl my hostel went on was more interested in the beer money.

Daytime activities mean a walk up to the castle. Built somewhere around 900ad the fortress had a good run until some teenagers trying to smoke cigarettes burned half of it down. The partially demolished castle was rebuilt in 1950s. So it’s a new castle… With old foundations. I didn’t notice any no smoking signs around but I did find a man playing today’s popular hits on 4 instruments.

On my last day I made time to head into this really cool cafe/bookshop situation I’d walk past. Everything about this joint made my day. Sometimes I wonder if I have a sixth sense for these places or maybe my nostrils are just wired to detect the slightest smell of pampered arabica beans.


I mean, there was also the romantic sunset I spent with myself at Slav tower but I’m so accustomed to my romantic ways it’s barely out of the ordinary anymore