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Summer homes and cheap meals around Stockholm

Stockholm is a bunch of islands. Then some more islands where fancy houses and secluded summer homes reside.
I went out on a day trip with some girls I met on the södermalm tour. We spotted a zillion places we’d like to live (only 900,000 gets you a little island) and saw one seal.


After the morning we walked through the old kings’ hunting ground’s to have fika (coffee and pastry) in the gardens at rosendal. That was after our 7/11 lunch and probably my billionth falafel. Maybe next time I’ll travel somewhere not in Europe. If I see one more falafel after this trip I am going to start eating meat.


After an evening tour through old town we found our way back to södermalm- Stockholm’s south/hipster/cheapish area for dinner of some kind. Only 70 krone for a burger meal at a street stand! Best deal you will ever find in Stockholm. And definitely enough money for pick ‘n mix.





Stockholm and the best ship at sinking

One of those cities defined by the people on it. Not to say I talked to many strangers, the cool thing was that every person we (me+who ever I was with at the time) asked for directions stopped to help. Once this was turning around mid-cycle in the opposite direction. Another time; leading us around the corner to the door and wishing us a nice stay in Stockholm.
I don’t know why folks are particularly warm here, weather it’s the high standards of living, the beautiful surroundings (I don’t just mean the cappuccino papas) or something that’s just grown there.
I like all of it. I like Sweden.

I had 4 days in Stockholm and thanks be jeebus I planned it that way. The city is not that large but when you need to circumvent numerous harbours to get to the specific island you want things can take longer.

First off: checked into my very nice et subtly creepy prison hostel. Literarily, but not literally. It all in the past. Except for the wax figures guarding the entrance and hall to my cell: The list of things that freak me out is steadily growing

Next thing- hit the museums hard. Stockholm’s most popular museum is the Vasa museum. A 17th century war brigand rescued from the harbour almost completely intact. How one wonders? It sunk on its maiden voyage. Took less then an hour to go from top to bottom of the sea
Poor thing.

After Vasa one goes to Skansa: the largest (or first? Too many claims to remember) outdoor museum. A bunch of old houses and functioning workshops moved together to create an old town. It was ok. What’s better is the Nordic animal zoo that is part of the park! I know I’m not supposed to like zoos but walking around after the main attractions all closed; just me and a few others was really nice. The two wolverines were racing around and playing in their enclosure.

The two other museums I went in were the modern art museum- a little dull but had an amazing exhibition on of nils dardel- and the spritmuseum- so far as I could tell a museum dedicated to alcohol? But happened to be currently featuring the “history of Swedish sin” and “art pop” the relationship between visual art and music.

Swedish sin was a term coined by Americans (of course) since many Swedish movies included nude bathing which is normal in Sweden (was normal? I didn’t do extensive research while there). That and how promiscuous swedes are what with their sex ed videos (language of love) and classes all over the place.

So, Stockholm has the coolest town hall. Unusual sentence? The architect wanted every room to surprise and created a style based on..practically every influence from roman buildings to Viking ships to Byzantine mosques